Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Uncle Charlie

Today will be Uncle Charlie's graveside services in Arizona. He was the youngest of my mom's two brothers.
I have only fond memories of my Uncle Charlie. He lived a hard life...But it was the life he had chosen. He was who taught me and told me how important it was for me to never drink alcohol...he believed some families have something in them that makes it so very hard to stop drinking or control their drinking if they ever start. I saw the effects on him, and took his advice...I am grateful I did.


mommy nurse said...

It sounds like he gave you great advice. May he rest in peace. Thanks for sharing!

Mimi Sue said...

I believe that's true. Some of us have a gene that makes it easier to become addicted to things. Lately I've been addicted to blogging and Christmas goodies! Sorry to hear about your uncle. He's at peace. Mimi

Karlenn said...

Ah, I'm sorry your uncle passed away. My mom grew up in an inactive family, and she watched the effects of alcoholism on a family. On her own, she decided never to taste alcohol, and as a teenager, she activated herself in the church.