Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah or the "Festival of Lights" began last night at sundown. This holiday is also referred to as the Feast of the Dedication.
I love the account of the festival of lights. It again shows the heaven's are not closed. That our Father in heaven still performs miracles. When the Maccabee family was hiding from the Syrian army in about 165 BC they found just enough oil to light the lamp for 1 day, but the lamp burned for 8 days, until more oil could be located.
Being that I am not Jewish, I do not know what all the Torah teaches of this special day.

Several years back I decided in January we were going to celebrate as many different holidays as possible in the upcoming year.

My kids and I had a ball!

We learned the dreidel game.
and had lattes (potato pancakes)
We celebrated with food, games and stories of why this was a holiday.
Most of them came from our family blood line:
Sweden, German, English, Irish, Cree Indian
We love it in March for "Waffle Day" How cool is that!
1st and 2nd Day of Christmas!
St. Patrick's Day
well, lets be real here in the States just about any day of the week is a holiday.
So, why is CHRISTmas more than just a holiday?
It comes back to...
Jesus Christ was born, the Savior of the world, our Redeemer.
No matter our religious backgrounds or what we do or do not celebrate.
We ALL celebrate a MIRACLE.

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Karlenn said...

How cool that you celebrated as many holidays as possible. That is so my youngest sister. She always calls me up and says stuff like, "Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!" I don't know where she finds this stuff, but she does.