Saturday, December 27, 2008

Missionary Phone Calls!

There are few things greater on Christmas Day than the phone calls that parents get from their missionaries.
As I have said before we only get to talk to Kira and Derek on Christmas and Mother's Day.
Our first call came at 8:03am from Derek...
Because I have not seen a picture of him nor spoke to him since he left in March there is no way to tell you how calming it was to hear his voice. He sounded so good and very happy. We only got 1 hour to visit with passing the phone around made all of our conversations really short. His favorite thing was telling us HOW he killed the chicken in detailed for me. That he had got hit by a car...yep...slidding on the sidewalk his comp slipped bumping him into the road. He said, "it was my good foot that got ran over" WHAT!!!! but, he was "lucky" and was not hurt. I told him he was blessed! One of the great protections that come to missionaries. It was so hard to tell him good-bye. I let Kirk have to hang about broke his heart.
At 10:10 our sweet little spanish accented daughter yelled Feliz Navidad!!
she quickly added I only get to talk for 45 mins!
WHAT...I can not even begin to tell her all I want to in that short of time!
Kira first asked me to grab a piece of paper so I could write down a couple of things she needed.
* black & white scrapbook paper *iron ons to make some t-shirts
No somethings never change! She is still as funny as ever.
She told us she is planning on going back to Argentina or Chile when she gets home...
I had sent her the Nov. 2008 Ensign with conference addresses. She said she had been "eating it up" She had love the talk by L. Tom Perry. She felt as if he was talking to her. Especially the part of his talk when me mentioned Thoureau,
"When the two years ended, he left his cabin behind without regret. He considered the time he had spent there a proper amount of time to accomplish his purpose—to experience the spiritual benefits of a simplified lifestyle. He also felt he had other life experiences ahead of him. It was time to move on and explore other opportunities."
They have a special family, the Sergio Andrés Rivadeneira family that takes very good care of them. Christmas morning they arrived at the Sisters' Apartment with a chicken and potatoes. Kira was so grateful for their kindness and wonderful meal.
Christmas Morning all of the missionaries had gone to a childern's hospital and sang songs and shared little gifts with the childern there. She said it was very humbling.
Again the time was way to short...this time I was the one that had to hang up ...
only 100 days and Kira will be home and only 5 months and I will get to talk to Derek again!
The simple joys of a missionary mom.



Hi Janiece,
I'm so happy for you that you were able to "talk" with your kids:)
Love your new look on your blog:) I'm thinking that maybe I should get a new "do" with mine. Just a little unsure on how to do it.
My tree is bare and the decorations are all put away. When husband gets home the tree is out the door and then rearranging the livingroom.
Have a great weekend!!

Jan said...

Oh those calls. I am all teary. I know the feeling. Lots of love on the phone. :)

Dacia said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Dacia said...
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linda said...

My heart is just overflowing with happiness for you this week! Being able to talk to your two loves...I'm so happy for you I could just cry!

OK, it's now a countdown...Kira, 100 days...Derek, 5 months!

mommy nurse said...

What a great Christmas present. It is amazing how a phone call can make everything at peace. Happy New Year!

kara said...

how great is that! i can't wait to see kira...i'm so glad derek is doing well, i hadn't really heard much so it was great to read that he's doing alright. i hope to see you soon. call me or somethin and i'll come see ya

Karlenn said...

That is something I know will be hard for me - watching my babies serve missions. Your kids sound so fantastic.